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Video annotations

Bookmark key clips in your user test videos with tagged, timestamped annotations

If you've ever clicked randomly around the progress bar of a user test video, trying desperately to find a specific moment you remember from last time you watched it, Trymata's video annotations feature will be a welcome improvement to your usability testing process!

As you watch your videos, you can add timestamped notes with sortable tags to bookmark the “aha” moments in your user videos. All you have to do is click the green "+" button at the edge of the video player, and we automatically fill in the timestamp where that moment occurred. There's a textbox to write up your thoughts about that clip, as well as an area for adding tags to indicate the topics or issues that it's related to.


User test session video annotations


New tags can be created on the fly, and you'll be able to find any tags you've already been using in a handy dropdown. As you add more annotations alongside a test video, you can click on the tags to see just the moments related to that category. 

Annotations are visible to every team member, so anyone who's shared on your tests can jump to the key video highlights with one click, or quickly grasp the major issues and patterns with a skim through the notes and common tags.

Annotations can also be shared via public links, so you can easily send impactful clips to clients or stakeholders who don’t have a TryMyUI login.


Video annotations are available at all Trymata plan levels.