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It’s important to conduct various activities and tasks to increase product or software usability. This involves following a proper product lifecycle. You’re probably wondering that this process can be costly and expensive. However, you can reduce the cost of research by following a proper procedure.

With user testing, you can generate valuable and extensive insights for UX design improvement and enhance user experience. Whenever people start using the lifecycle approach for usability, they need to know the cost and the gain. That is where the Return on Investment, or ROI of UX research becomes necessary.

Methods for measuring the ROI of UX research

Here are some methods to measure the ROI of UX research for your product and service:

1. Conversion rate

You can measure the ROI of UX with the help of conversion rate. The conversion rate is the percentage of people taking a particular desired action. The desired action of the users depends on how you drive them towards the product. This means creating a blog or shopping cart to find the conversation rate.

2. Bounce rate

The bounce rate allows you to determine the percentage of people who went through a single page but left. When you optimize your page with user experience, you engage users on the page for longer. Furthermore, it increases the traffic on the other pages also.

3. Net romoter score (NPS)

You can understand customer loyalty by net promoter score. According to researchers, the NPS links to revenue growth. By understanding the concept, you can find customer loyalty and satisfaction, and potential revenue growth.

You need to measure the NPS before investing in user experience. You can send the NPS survey to your potential customers for user research and implementation. This method is extensive and takes a lot of time because improving customer experience is not an arduous task. When you perform UX research, implementing the code and updating the design can take five to six weeks.

4. Using chatbot to measure ROI of UX research

Customer experience space is improving with the help of chatbots. When you have a chatbot on your website, you can quickly generate customer data by asking relevant questions. Users also love to interact with chatbots, which eventually increases your website’s engagement rates. People prefer clarifying questions with chatbots, which can decrease bounce rates.

With the help of chatbots, you can find exciting insights for confusing tasks and enhance the quality of your product and services. You can also design the user interface by generating data from the conversation.

5. Revenue per customer

You can also find the ROI of UX research after determining the average revenue for each client. When you invest in UX research, you contribute to improving customer satisfaction. This way, customers will easily upgrade, subscribe, and consider your brand to purchase a product.

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Performing UX research with Trymata

With only some bias, Trymata is UX research and much more. The hallmark of good UX research is the user’s view – their opinion, both written and verbal, will offer you the actionable data you need most. Trymata’s usability testing suite is the “ah ha!” generating platform built for teams of all sizes and scope.

Unlike our competitors, Trymata is flexible, affordable, and comes with the quantitative metrics others in the UX industry just don’t offer. From our simple and intuitive dashboard to the indexing and collaborative aspects of the narrated videos, Trymata is the one-stop shop for all things digital.

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To determine the return on investment for your UX research, consider every aspect of the user experience. For instance, finding out the bounce rates, revenue per client, and other methods is easy to enhance user experience.

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