UX design and digital experience


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For any digital brand or company to thrive, it must offer exceptional customer experience and a site design that caters to all the needs of the customer. Developing a website with good UX design helps guarantee a great digital experience for users.

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UX design

UX (or user experience) design is a design procedure employed to help offer an ideal human-digital interface. This is done while keeping the various facets of this interaction as well as the expectations or goals of the user/potential customers in mind. These include easy accessibility, marketing, usage, customer service, attractive site graphics etc in mind. Simply put, it focuses on improving the design of the whole user experience. This also help personalize the interaction and makes the preferences of the user the top priority.

Digital experience

When digitizing any product or service, its not just a transfer from on paper to an online platform, there are many more aspects to be planned and thought of before executing this and being able to attract customers. The Digital Experience is what customers think of any interaction they have with the brand/service with a digital interface. Being able to offer a good digital experience is a top priority for any brand with an online service and for this purpose, various strategies are employed.

Importance of good digital experience

Any brand with a product or service of great potential won’t be able to reach its true capabilities unless it offers a good digital experience to the audience. Without this the probability of attracting customers would exponentially decrease. The shopping experience needs to be valuable and worthwhile. If not for this- another brand offering a similar or relatively lesser standard service but a great digital experience would always have the upper hand and be prioritized over the one offering mediocre digital experiences.

The connection between good UX design and digital experience

To be able to give a good digital experience; developing a UX design of your brand’s platform be it a website, mobile application or social media platform should be your topmost priority. Your platform’s design should represent your company and display what it stands for. It should offer hassle-free and around the clock customer service. Offering value added services, easy navigation, recommendations based on shopping history, discounts for members, flash sales and deals catered to the customer can be added to the site.

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Developing UX design

You should start working on this from the moment when the concept of your service is devised. A suitable amount of investment should also be put into this from the start so as to be able to reap the benefit of having happy customers later. This will help to materialize your vision and bring your idea to life on-screen.

How can you improve your digital experience?

You can employ UX research. It helps analyze statistics from customer behaviors like items views and purchases etc. A great way to be able to develop such a UX design is by gathering data from feedback and evaluation forms and conducting prototype usability testing. This helps to understand what the customers want, what changes you can include to keep the audience engaged and to evaluate whether the platform is working smoothly and efficiently. This evaluation should not be limited to a one time activity rather constant monitoring and changes in the UX design should be employed so that the platform stays up to date with the latest trends and guarantees customer return. There is always room for improvement so constant evaluation can help detect and timely fix any errors.

Why are good UX design and good digital experience necessary?

These seemingly small aspects of customer service don’t seem to provide a profit at surface level but help attract the customer’s attention. They make customers feel important and as if their feedback is being listened to and worked upon. This helps make the digital experience you offer memorable and leaves an impact on your customer. The site should be designed such that it centers around the human and makes the product seem like “the perfect buy” or “exactly what you need” for the potential customers.


If the customers feel satisfied by their digital experience, have no complaints and the brand-customer relationship is maintained over time with loyal happy customers. Your UX design and its monitoring and development is headed in the correct direction. Developing your brand or company’s UX design and providing a valuable and memorable digital experience should always be a priority. This will help distinguish you in the brand market and help build customer-brand relationships that last. These would also help increase customer reach due to increased brand promotion by satisfied customers. The number of satisfied customers would also increase. Ultimately, good UX design and digital experience will help increase the brand revenue and investment return and help the brand expand and reach new milestones.

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