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Usability testing is a time-consuming activity – and when all your results are in, the process has only just begun. Five tests at 20 minutes each already amounts to 100 minutes of video, and that’s the lower limit for a reliable sample size.

If you don’t have a UX department dedicated solely to doing usability research and watching user testing videos, this kind of research can seem daunting. You know usability testing is important, but you just don’t have the time to do it at scale.


lost of usability testing videos can be daunting for a UX designer


But what if you didn’t have to watch and annotate ALL the videos to get meaningful information out of them?

In recent years, the power of the crowd has been harnessed to solve problems in more and more fields. Now, we’re bringing that same power to bear on UX research, letting the crowd do the bulk of the work so that you can scale up the number of tests you run and get even more useful, timely, and accurate feedback.

How does the UX Crowd work?

When you set up your test, choose to include UX Crowd with your results. (You must run your test with a minimum of 10 users). The first 5 users to take the test will submit 2 things they liked about your website, 2 things they disliked about it, and up to 2 suggestions for improvement. Then the rest of the testers will vote on which answers they most strongly agree with. As the votes come in, the best submissions bubble to the top.

When you log back into your Trymata account to view your test results, you’ll see a complete, prioritized list of all of the relevant and important insights from your videos.


UXCrowd Crowdsourced Usability Analysis Cloud View


The ideas with the most votes are right at the top for you, so you can quickly see where people had the most issues, or what people would most like to see on your site, as well as a vote count showing how controversial each submission was, and any additional comments or insights other users had.


UXCrowd Crowdsourced Usability Analysis List View


From there, it’s easy to build a concrete plan for improving your website’s UX and fixing usability issues. You already have a complete list of big problems, medium problems, small problems, and non-problems, plus interactions to definitely keep and interactions that need a little extra work. You may even get some new ideas for features or interactions that you had never thought of before.

That’s the power of the crowd.

Did you know some user testing services don't even offer BASIC quantitative data offerings, let alone something exclusive like the UX Crowd? While others charge a premium blanket pricefor basics?


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