Video transcription

Get transcripts of every user test video, generated with Amazon’s industry-leading speech-to-text technology.

The transcripts are viewable alongside Trymata's video player, so you can easily follow along as you watch. See exactly what users were saying while they interacted with your website or app, and skim ahead to look for important moments.

Every word in the transcript is clickable, so if you notice something of interest (or want to jump back to a moment that you watched before), you can click the transcript and jump directly to that part of the video. Our transcripts are also broken down by task, so you can easily see what a user was saying specifically during Task 3 of their test, for example, or during the impression test.

Video transcripts are just one of Trymata's many tools that make it easy and quick to get through lots of user testing video data.


Video transcripts are available on the Enterprise Plan & up