How much should I spend on user testing?

Wondering what you should be spending on user testing? Read more here to learn what you should be investing.



When you have intense competition amongst products in the market, it is obvious that there is an increasing demand for good user interfaces. This means that software developers want their product to outperform and outsell other products. This ultimately creates a demand for user testing and everyone involved in the user testing process.

User testing is a process in which your product goes through test runs by a sample of your target audience. In these tests, UX researchers record and analyze the real-time reactions and reviews of your product for refinement and improvement. See an example here.

Why is user testing important?

Before you question the price of user testing, you should always remember the importance. Investing in user testing is essential because of the value you get in return for your investment. The volubility of this test triumphs beyond the total cost damage that you will have to face with a bad product.

Since you have to compete with other products in your industry, one way to get a step ahead of others is the usability of your product.

User testing allows you to identify the issues users face when interacting with your product. These include issues regarding understandability, compliance, navigation, interpretation, and attractiveness. Therefore, spending on user testing has become a pivotal step before launching any digital product or property. It can single handedly define the quality of your product since user interface quality is a measure of user-friendly characteristics.

User testing price overview

The user testing price depends on many factors. User tests are generally time consuming and pricey, and often come bundled with services that only appeal to large-scale enterprises. Other times, some user testing platforms skimp on the quantitive features necessary to benchmark designs and convince stakeholders.

Commercial UX designers will cost you anywhere from $100 for something cheap and fast, to $1000s for more thorough work and depending on the platform technology costs. Expect the cost to go higher if you want to test product usability on multiple devices since mobile UX differs from the conventional desktop UX (but not on TryMyUI!).

Furthermore, the cost of the user test will also vary according to your product. For some novel or esoteric products, user tests require more cost and time in comparison to other more common or familiar product designs. Why is that? Read on!

Sample size and type

The main requirement of user testing is participants. Recruiting participants to take part in your study can be a difficult task. First, you need to find participants that match your target audience. Then, you need to consider the sample size, the bigger the sample size, the better the results.

However, getting a large number of people to participate in your research will include their payable time and could become even more expensive if the participants are from a very specific demographic. Hence, if you wish to opt for a comparative study of your user test, you may have to pay a hefty amount.

Why Trymata is the affordable answer

While other user testing services skip out on quantitative features, or only cater to their Enterprise-level customers, Trymata understands teams of all sizes and expertise need the same results and tools.

With our flexible, pay-as-you-test monthly subscription model, feel free to dip your toes in user testing without committing to anything! If you decide a month is good, but want more results than what is included, Trymata is one of few services that allow unlimited additional credit purchases (1 credit = 1 test participant).

Our Personal Plan includes 5 participants (the perfect number for a solid study) for a mere $99.

Read more about the ROI of UX and see how you can increase your revenue by 147% with TryMyUI. Whether website testing, a GUI, or mobile app testing, or prototypes and wireframes, Trymata is there for you.

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