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User testing prototypes and wireframes with Trymata

A detailed guide explaining how to conduct user testing on prototypes and wireframes in Trymata.

Usability testing isn’t just for fully-fleshed out, live, or working websites and apps. With Trymata, you can also get all the same quantitative and qualitative feedback for your in-development wireframes and prototypes!

Creating a prototype or wireframe test

When creating a new test on TryMyUI, you will want to select the prototype option from the list of interface types.




After that, the flow will be exactly the same as any other interface. We have an extensive resources guide for matters related to the platform and user testing in general you can refer to here:

A compiled guide to usability testing

Presentation to users

Customer testing wireframes or prototypes often like to include a note in the scenario such as: NOTE: This test contains only images of webpages. None of the buttons or links work; you will only be able to look at each page. Use your arrow keys to move from one page to the next when asked This is important for both A/B testing and for usability testing.

To ensure that testers don’t miss any tasks you have written, TryMyUI presents tasks to users one by one. Our quality-graded testers will be used to having tasks presented to them, and with prototypes and wireframes, tasks are not presented any differently.

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Resources for user testing your prototype or wireframe