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Highlight reels

Stitch together key moments from your usability testing video results to create a powerful, digestible roundup of your most important findings with our highlight reel feature.

Video feedback is a powerful tool for inspiring better product decisions; but not everyone on the team is going to watch the full session videos collected through your usability testing studies.

“There’s nothing more impactful than showing a video clip to stakeholders. It makes everything click. They really see that it’s real people and real problems that we’re dealing with.”

- Jordan Becker | Usability Specialist, Gallup

Our highlight reel feature enables you to share just the most critical, compelling, persuasive moments from your study in a quick and easy format.

As you watch your user test videos, you can create automatic video clips on the fly by adding timestamped annotations. Then, you can create a highlight reel out of your clips by choosing the ones you want to include and stitching them together in our editor.

All the clips you've created are available to pick from, and can be searched or sorted by task, by tags, and by author.

Once you've generated your highlight reel, you are able to share it with team members, stakeholders, or clients via a public link, or by exporting the reel video as an mp4 file. When viewing the highlight reel via public link or from your logged-in Trymata account, all of the individual clips used to create it are tagged with a timestamp and play link and the notes from your original annotation.

Highlight reels are available at all Trymata plan levels. On the Team Plan, you can create up to 36 reels a year; on Enterprise & up, get unlimited highlight reels.