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User testing for small business

Small businesses can benefit greatly from user testing. If you have started a small business around a user interface, then you have to make sure that your product is user friendly. Considering the abundance of competition already present on global networks, to simplify is to succeed. This means that to have a prosperous business venture, you must design your user interface to simplify it more for a wider audience.

However, not everyone is tech-savvy and up-to-date with the most cutting-edge technology (are you still referring to UIs or UX as a "GUI"?). How can you address what is a necessary element for success in 2022 and beyond without in-house expertise or a giant budget?

This is where user testing with TryMyUI comes into play.

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User testing in a nutshell

User testing is a process that will ensure whether your product is usable or not. Therefore, it is an extremely important step in the process for small businesses. As a small business start-up, you need to make sure that your product is user-friendly before you launch it into the market.

User testing is an easy and convenient way to overcome the existing usability problems of your product before you even launch it. These tests not only help you identify the flaws in your product but also save you incredible amounts of revenue.

How to conduct user testing?

The best thing about user testing is that it is a cost-effective solution to solving your usability problems. Finding out where your product lacks and needs to recover is important and there are plenty of methods to carry out the testing. You can pick out the method best suited for your business model, and base it according to its cost and time consumption.

You can implement the three types of usability tests that exist, moderated, un-moderated, and remote.

Moderated user testing

Moderated user testing is an effective testing tool that can provide you with detailed and in-depth reviews of the users. It involves the user to use your product and try to understand it under the lone supervision of a professional UX researcher. Afterward, the UX researcher asks the user comprehensive and articulate questions about the interface and collects the result.

However, hiring a professional UX researcher and sitting up a lab is a costly endeavor for a small business.

Unmoderated tests

Unmoderated tests are more casual than moderated ones, participants do not necessarily have to be in a lab and you do not have to hire a professional either. A small business can conduct this type of user testing with ease. The participants are not in direct supervision, but you can still ask specific questions and observe real-time behavior in response to your product.

Remote user testing

This is another testing that can fair well for a small business, it saves the cost of hiring participants and conducts testing over the internet. In some cases, it can produce better data than in-person moderated testing. Since people use your product in the comfort of their own homes, they can provide you with better reviews and more thought-out responses.

Therefore, you can say that remote user testing produces data that has a higher ecological validity.

Why Trymata is right for your business:

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To conclude

Since user testing is such a practical and effective method, small businesses can increase their product usability better than ever. Therefore, increasing product usability is now, not a matter of the cost of time.


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