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“Oops, I made a mistake setting up my user test!”

What happens when you make a mistake setting up your user test? Learn more about how to correct those mistakes in this article.

Trymata has a couple of features for handling the “oops” case. This happens when you set up a user test, send it out to testers, and then realize that you made a mistake. Previously, once a test had been ordered, it was like a letter in the mailbox – it was in the system and no longer changeable. Having received many requests from customers to change this, we now have 2 remedies.

Live editing

If the error is in one of the test fields, such as the URL, scenario, or tasks, simply click into that test from your “My Tests” dashboard, hit the “Edit this test” button all the way at the bottom of the test, and you can edit any of the descriptive fields. You cannot tighten your demographic constraints once a test has been commissioned, because the test has already gone out to testers. However, you may loosen them.

Cancelling the order

We have now also added the ability to cancel an order, and have the credits returned to your account, with some caveats. If a test has already been picked up, then we (and therefore you) are obligated to pay the tester for their time and effort. So you will not immediately get any credits for such tests that are in progress.

However, we will credit your account if the test is not accepted for whatever reason. We do prohibit testers from picking up tests from canceled ordered though, so if you cancel a test immediately, you will likely get all credits back and can then create a new test based upon the canceled one, make necessary modifications, and re-issue the test.


Edit or cancel your test with these links

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