User flows and funnels

What is your user journey? What is the procession of pathways that the typical or average user takes through your website?

Most of us have a few datapoints from Google Analytics, and a few hunches from our own mental maps, to support a very loose estimation of what constitutes our website's user journey. But knowing the answer with confidence is rare.

User flow data on the Trymata platform

Trymata's user flow features allow you to assess exactly how people navigate through your website, based on complete aggregated data synthesized by our platform's AI.

The top paths view will show you the 5-10 most popular pathways that your users take through your website. You can see all the top touch points to promote those pages further or identify opportunities where you can increase traffic in your other pages. 

You can also drill down into specific flows you'd like to understand better. To see navigations and pathways that lead to a specific outcome, select the key page interaction that you're interested in, and then view the most common interactions before and after.

For example, you can set a checkout page as the key interaction, and then explore the pages that led visitors to that checkout page.

Get user flow and funnel data for your website

Want to learn what your user journey is? Identify the exact pathways that users are taking on your website with our Product Analytics suite – and get other powerful tools for learning how users interact with your digital platforms.