Remote usability testing

Get the user's view of your digital products with Trymata's remote usability testing suite

For over a decade, Trymata has specialized in providing candid, actionable UX feedback from the kind of visitors you want on your website or app. Whether you’re a seasoned UX researcher, or brand new to user testing, our comprehensive suite of remote usability testing tools will enable you to set up and launch your studies in minutes, and get useful results back in hours.

With Trymata, you can test any kind of digital product, at any stage of development, on desktop and mobile. Choose from our wide array of built-in setup options to collect a robust combination of qualitative and quantitative data; then, use our collaborative analytical features to quickly pinpoint and share key insights from the results.


Remote usability testing features

Our usability testing features cover the entire range of the testing process:

  1. Test setup: Follow our easy-to-use test creation steps to get started. Trymata offers a wide range of customizable test setup features, but if you're not a user testing expert, most features can be easily added with click of a checkbox!
  2. Tester recruitment: Once your test is ready, we'll recruit testers for you on demand from our global, demographically-curated user panel. If you want to bring your own participants instead, you can do that too!
  3. Data collection: Trymata takes care of the entire test facilitation process. Once you launch, we'll collect and deliver a variety of user testing data types for you, including user-narrated session videos, written survey responses, UX metrics, and more.
  4. Analysis & collaboration: After all the test data has been collected, our usability testing features will help you with the analysis process! Jump to important video clips from interactive graphs, bookmark and share highlights, and export everything off-platform.

Visit the Features page to see a full list of the remote usability testing features we offer in each of the four categories above.

Remote usability testing plans

Trymata's remote usability testing suite is one of our two major product lines. The usability testing suite is available at several different plan tiers, each of which comes with an allotment of tests and access to certain usability testing features.

Learn more about our plan offerings, and find the option that best suite your usability testing needs, here:

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