Proving the value of UX

UX has the ability to impact your business in major ways. Read more to learn about the value of UX and why you need to prioritize it.

To support our blog post exploring this very topic, we have compiled this reference sheet linking you to statistics and information to prove the value of UX to any stakeholder!

For a broader overview of the entire industry

Let’s talk about conversion rate and value of UX

Perhaps the most obvious metric, especially for e-commerce UX, is the conversion rate. Most companies should already be tracking this every which way from Sunday, which makes testing UX that much easier. Which type of UX do you have? Checkout our recent article to learn more about different UX types.

A/B testing to calculate the return on investment, and therefor the value, of UX is extremely simple. By running iterative tests, you can accurately measure causation between tweaks to your UX and user behavior, extrapolating a clear connection to conversion optimization rate. Financial UX, healthcare UX, and e-commerce UX stand to gain the most form iterative testings, typically due to their higher budgets.

And the beat part is that you don’t even need to pull the trigger on live redesigns. Most usability testing platforms, like us, can test prototypes and wireframes of websites and apps!

What else can usability testing do besides refine e-commerce UX?

Drop off rates measures the number of users who did not complete any conversion goals on your site or app. Usability testing is the only reliable way to uncover the pain points causing users to drop off. With usability testing, you can see both the qualitative evidence (via live video) and the quantitative metrics (time of task, single-ease questionnaire, and task completion percentage) to hone in on areas of opportunities.

A good user flow can earn a company lots of money, not only by increasing profitable conversions, but also by decreasing costly ones. For example, in 2006, McAfee cut their support call volume by 90% by redesigning their website’s support user flow.

Think of how much time and effort that saved McAfee as a result of a UX tweak!

Industry leaders/success stories references

With Trymata specifically, one of our greatest success stories led to a 85% increase of conversion rates, a 147% increase in revenue, and a 29% increase in value. That’s the power of investing in e-commerce UX!

Using Trymata to negotiate UX success

A major hurdle many companies face with UX research and usability testing is the cost, especially for companies unfamiliar with or unsure of the process. Most usability testing platforms demanding annual contracts and large sums of money upfront, small, medium, or even some large-sized business can become hesitant of wasting money.

We have encountered this numerous times over the years. A UX designer comes to us, has trouble convincing their stakeholders that usability testing is worth it, and quietly goes back to work, flying essentially blind.

But this is actually a great opportunity for you to not only demonstrate the value of UX, but demonstrate your own value as an engaged and forward-thinking employee as well.

Sometimes, seeing really is believing. And with remote usability testing, sharing what you see and believe has never been easier.

Try running FIVE FREE TESTS, WITH ALL FEATURES on our platform. Our free trial is 2 weeks of Enterprise-level features, 5 credits, and doesn’t require anything beyond a valid work email address! With only 5 user tests, you will uncover 80% of your usability issues.

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