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There are numerous reasons and advantages of conducting remote moderated usability testing. This technique for usability testing is less time-consuming, less expensive, and convenient. Furthermore, you can obtain accurate results by conducting moderated testing usability. In this testing technique, a moderator or instructor will observe the user while they perform the test. During the test, if the moderator notices that the user is in any confusion or they are not following guidelines, they can communicate with them. Directly contacting the participant will help solve issues in real-time. As a result, you can reduce the risk of inaccurate data.


Before beginning the test, you need to prepare in advance. Preparing beforehand will keep your results consistent, and you can obtain valuable data. The reliability of your results depends on the accuracy of the data. Therefore, you need to ensure that your questions are relevant and to the point. Here are some questions that you can include in your first moderated testing usability interview:



Conducting the usability


The following questions will keep you neutral. Still, they are specific to your purpose. You will find these questions reinforce with the script. This way, your participants can share their experiences. They can answer anything against these questions because there no incorrect answer to them.



1.      Questions about expectations


These types of questions will enable you to gather content related to your design. Make sure that your users’ expectations align with the application. For this, you’ll need to take an interview and conduct a survey to know their previous experience will a similar application. You can create an ideal application once you evaluate their responses. These questions are:


  • Were you expecting this screen to appear?
  • What activity do you want this button to perform?
  • Where do you want this arrow to lead you?



2.      Questions about design


These questions will help you understand if your design aligns with your users’ needs. Focus on creating noticeable elements that prioritize your content. Here are some questions for this section:


  • Which element grabs your attention as you open the page.
  • How do you feel after visiting the website?
  • Which element do you want to interact with first?



3.       Question about extra elements


Sometimes, you choose some elements that distract your audience from the important ones. To improve the user experience, focus on creating a straightforward and easy-to-understand interface. Asking your participants about the extra elements will help you fix this problem. Here are some questions to identify extra buttons or tabs.


  • Is there any element of the website that is least important to you?
  • Is there any element that you think shouldn’t be on this page?



Your question for moderated testing usability should be engaging and straightforward. Keep in mind that to provide the best experience to users visiting your website, you need to hear your participants’ voices. Understand their experiences with competitors, and create an open bond.



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