Why human touch marketing is driven by user testing


User testing


Human touch marketing is a practical approach that puts you and your company in the buyers' shoes. Why is that? Well, to understand what the customers and potential customers need or want, you have to think from their perspective. However, the entire basis of marketing does not form on this factor. You require a solid amount of data that identifies the needs and growing demands of potential and existing customers of your business.

Human touch refers to an approach where a business deals with its customers by mapping out the customer journey and establishing points of interest and assistance. Plus, through a human touchpoint, the interaction between the business and customers is without technology or AI-assisted tools.

User testing drives human touch marketing

But why is user testing essential to marketing? Additionally, how does user testing drive the human touch marketing efforts of a business? The simple answer is that user testing is a technique that involves the active participation of the users to use, interact with, and assess a product of your business before it makes its way into the market. Hence, the users get exposure to the product, and this boosts the marketing efforts.

The exposure of the product to the users means that they come in contact with it before it launches. This establishes a human touchpoint in marketing since now you have the information directly from potential customers and/or users.

Human touch marketing deals with providing a hands-on experience to customers with the assistance of employees and workers of a business. This drives motivation and helps customers raise relevant concerns through the business's employees. In user testing, all the active participants are present in the company of a business’s experts. These experts are the human touchpoints of marketing.

User testing invites customers

User testing takes a particular product, service, or website into account. By asking customers to use a new product, you can boost their confidence and perception of the business. This is a successful marketing effort and a pure example of human touch marketing. Since they will interact with the product or website directly with the help of an expert around them, the customers will provide honest opinions and feedback. While this feedback is necessary for a business to improve its product before launching, it also forms a communication channel between customers and business experts.

Furthermore, user testing identifies and considers the difficulties of customers to improve the product. This is another marketing factor that helps promote the business and its offering through human touchpoints.


Human touch marketing is all about eliminating technological and automation tools to engage with the customers on a human basis. Human-to-human interaction (i.e., customers to business) is a great way to improve business and build long-term relationships with customers. It is an effective marketing approach that requires considerable planning since there are many human touchpoints of marketing.


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