What is digital experience intelligence?


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Digital experience is defined as the experience of users that visit your website or digital space. It is based on the accessibility of the website. An easy-to-use website will provide a good digital experience. On the other hand, a website with a floppy checkout button won't be a very pleasant experience.

Digital experience intelligence is a set of tools that allows you to read the in-depth analysis of your website. Digital experience intelligence tells you about the experience of the users who visit your website.

Because a customer's journey may start and end in the digital realm, it is more important than ever to provide an integrated and contextualized digital experience to the customer. Due to the ever-increasing amount of online touch-points, the management of digital experience has become a challenging endeavor. Nevertheless, it is also one that has the potential to help attract new users, distinguish your business, and inspire client loyalty.

It is essential to consider customer satisfaction and user experience generally and to conceive of the digital experience as a component that complements both experiences (UX). Your company may become more proactive in creating tailored experiences that better attract potential consumers. It may also please existing users and increase staff experiences if it has a solid understanding of digital experience.

Digital experience platforms

A digital experience platform, often known as a DXP, is a set of technologies that works together as a unified whole to allow the creation, administration, delivery, and improvement of digital experiences. These technologies provide a valuable means of communicating with consumers via the generation of content and understanding their requirements through data collection.

Digital experience platforms help spread information across web pages, email, mobile applications, social media outlets, e-commerce websites, digital signs, payment terminals, and more. Digital experience platforms do more than merely offer material for each of the above channels. They also assist in marketing automation and establish a uniform digital experience, which guides consumers toward a clearly defined conclusion.

How digital experience intelligence works

Digital experience intelligence records the behavior of the people that visit your website or app. It records a comprehensive footprint of the activities of the users. DXI allows you to track the roadmap where the user engaged your website. It also shows you where the users didn't click. This will enable you to analyze and interpret the areas working in a healthy and unhealthy state. Improvements can be implemented using DXI to increase user engagement.

The biggest advantage is to the planning and tactical team. They can decide upon the improvements by simply analyzing the information extracted by digital experience intelligence. If the website or app portrays an issue, DXI will enable you to identify and rectify it.

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DXI and user experience

The link between digital experience and UX is pretty straightforward. Before launching an app or website, we conduct UX research to make sure that the UX and UI of our website or app are up to the mark and suitable for the users. UX research allows us to create a perfect user experience for the users, and DXI allows us to live up to that reputation constantly. It does so by providing constant in-depth analysis that gives a detailed overview of what is happening on the website/app. We can say that both DXI and UX research contribute to the website's excellence and enhance the website's engagement with the users.

DXI considerations

Consider the following essential aspects before committing to investing in a DXI tool:

Scope: The tool's scope is determined by the fact that digital experience intelligence platforms include various analytics tools. Therefore, before purchasing a DXI platform, you should ask whether your company requires a full DXI suite. Or if it can get by with only a handful of capabilities (e.g., web analytics). DXI tools may cost more than an alternative tool that specializes in a certain kind of analytics.

Interface: The DXI tool you choose to invest in has seamless integration with the various metrics and operational actions in your technology stack. Tracking the movements and touch-points of your users from beginning to finish is an essential step in gaining knowledge of their digital experience journey. You will probably want to import some of the valuable data currently stored in other systems into the digital experience dashboard you acquire.


Digital experience is as important as user experience in website/app creation. Digital experience intelligence is defined as a set of tools that allow you to keep a check on your website. They tell you about the bright and dark spots of your website/app. They also allow you to improve your website by making certain accommodations. It would be best if you considered the scope of the DXI tools and their interface before buying them.

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