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Demographic filtering

Recruit the testers you need with targeted demographic filtering

Never worry about recruiting your own participants for user testing again! Every time you run a usability test with Trymata, you can draw on our panel of over 500,000 demographically curated testers to get the exact kind of participants relevant to your products and brand.

Setting up demographic filters for your user tests

Filtering for the right testers is easy. With our built-in demographic filters, you can target attributes including:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Country of residence
  • Household income
  • Education level
  • Employment status & type
  • Relationship & parental status
  • Community type
  • Social networks usage

...and more!

Trymata user testing demographic filtering

Once you've added your filters and launched your user test, Trymata will find eligible participants from our panel, and send them to take the test. Before long, you'll be watching feedback from exactly the kind of people in your real target audience.

For more specific tester criteria, you can apply custom screeners in addition to the demographic filters. Custom screening can include technical screeners, verbal-response screeners, and/or multiple-choice survey questions.

Let Trymata take care of your tester recruitment needs

Use our demographic filters and custom screeners together to take care of all your user testing recruitment needs. Trymata's user testing platform has been serving teams of all sizes since 2015.


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