What is customer experience design?

An in-depth look at customer experience design - what it is, why it's important, and how to effectively build it.



Are you a business owner wondering why customer experience design is so important? Well, you are in the right place, as this post will help you understand the concept behind customer experience (CX).

Most businesses deploy a customer experience strategy to monitor their customer's journey throughout the sales funnels closely. This will help you identify any pain points and rectify them by designing a more optimum customer experience via a positive emotional journey across all channels.

Let us dive a little deeper into what CX is and how it can help your organization.

Now that you know what customer experience is in a nutshell, you can use it to create your own. You can also seek expert help from a reputable marketing agency to help you design a customer experience design customized to your business' nature and need.

Customer experience design

Customer experience design is a process that allows your UX and design teams to create an optimized journey at each and every step of your sales funnel. The aim is to strike an emotional chord with your customer from the moment they find out about your business all the way to sales conversion and after-sales services.

You can leverage various customer-centric marketing strategies to facilitate them throughout their journey with your business. This will guarantee an increased conversion rate as well as earn long-term customer loyalty for your brand.

Why is customer design experience so important?

A good customer experience design works as a strong bridge between your brand and customers in simple terms. The purpose of the entire exercise is to define an optimized interaction channel for your customer to interact with your brand. Try running an impression test as a good starting point to understand if your customer even understands your brand!

A customer experience design takes care of all aspects of your customers' journey, starting from their initial interaction to exploring your brand, conversion into a lead, and retention. Create an effective CX, and your customer will perceive your business as a more favorable and customer-focused brand.

The areas you must focus on when designing an optimum customer experience design are as follows.

    1. Advertisement campaign
    2. Customer services

You must aim to adopt a customer-focused strategy and, most importantly, maintain consistency. Your brand may be superior, but you can fall-short if you do not connect with your customers at critical stages of the sales funnel.

According to the XM Institute, here are some statistics about CX.

  1. Three-quarter of your customers with good customer experience are more likely to forgive your mistakes.
  2. 90 percent of customers with good customer experience will trust your brand
  3. 94 percent of customers with good CX will buy more from you in the future.


How to Build an Effective Customer Experience Design

Here are the essential areas you must focus on when working on customer experience design:

  1. Creating Customer Personas – Do some research and create a persona of who your ideal customers are, their wants and needs, etc. You can even create personal based on demographics such as age, gender, location, profession, education, interests, etc.
  2. Mapping Customer Journey – Define your customer's end-to-end journey and identify where they may need your assistance. This will help you be pro-active and offer help before the customer asks for it.

Remember the 5 A's when mapping the customer journey, which are:

    1. Attract – They way you are going to attract the customers
    2. Accept – How will you entice the customer and turn them into a lead
    3. Adopt – learn from your experience and optimize the CX design
    4. Amplify – leaving customers with a positive feeling at the end
    5. Advance – Following up with customers to build a strong relationship.


Now that you know what customer experience is in a nutshell, you can use it to create your own, from the goals to the GUI. You can also seek expert help from a reputable marketing agency to help you design a customer experience design customized to your business' nature and need. And don't forget about usability testingRemote usability testing is quick and easy! You can even try something more simplelike A/B testing!

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