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Before reading ahead, think for a moment about a shopping day that you loved or a store you always make sure to go and visit. Now think about why you prefer going there. I’m sure the friendly and cooperative staff there would be reasonably high up on the list. Additionally, asking the customers what they wish to see changed and fulfilling those demands would add to increased customer satisfaction and an improved customer experience, hence making them revisit.

Similarly, with digital platforms, creating a UX design that enhances the digital experience should be a priority since that is what gives a brand the edge which makes it stand out. This enhances the overall customer experience and keeps your users coming back.

Customer experience

Customer experience is the feedback customers give regarding any interaction they’ve had with a brand. How the customers felt during the interaction, how they found the atmosphere, how much effort did they have to put in to achieve their goal, and whether they were able to have a successful visit and accomplish what they came for or not, are a few of the factors influencing the overall customer experience. This can be analyzed by asking customers to fill out surveys, assessing the customer return statistics, etc.

Why is it important?

A better customer experience would ultimately lead to increased customer satisfaction. The happier a customer would be with their experience, the more likely they’ll revisit and help increase sales by becoming loyal customers. They would also be helpful for marketing by satisfied customers suggesting the brand/product to other people in their circles hence increasing the brand reach.

Digital experience

Digital experience is the interaction between users and the brand/product with technology as the medium of interaction between the two. This digital platform provides the customers with an opportunity to buy, view, or use the service in a more accessible way.

Building a good digital experience

With the constantly evolving technology of the 21st century, everything is slowly shifting to an online platform. Most of the successful brands have a digital representation and strong customer service. UX design is the development of an online platform that encourages a healthy interaction between the user and brand. This is done using statistics from UX research. The development of an online platform that offers a great digital experience will help ensure good sales and promotions. For this to happen, the website must have a UX design blueprint that caters to the needs of potential customers and makes it user-friendly. The platforms that have attractive sales, deals or promo codes, good graphics, fast speed, and availability of customer service around the clock would be those that have better reviews and offer an enhanced digital experience. So, good UX design would essentially help guarantee better digital experience.

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Why you should focus on customer experience and digital experience

A “Harvard Business Review” study shows that brands that build relations with customers on multiple platforms are more likely to build stronger relations with them as more loyal customers. Being able to view that service in person or on the go in the palm of their hands allows them to access it as per their will. Hence, the digitization of brands and the provision of their services on various platforms is the need of the hour. It should be kept in mind though that this expansion should never let them compromise on the quality of the product and service they put forward.

Otherwise, the benefit would be fleeting. To keep this in check, periodic analyses of the customer experience and digital experience are imperative. This will help to ensure that the services being offered are up to the standard and that any issues, if present, can be dealt with timely and resolved.

First and foremost the two main variables in building the user experience are the product and the consumer, everything else is a factor adding to enhancing or bringing down the value of the customer experience be it online or in person. What gives one brand a competition to another offering a similar service is the level of customer care it provides and what the reviews say. If these are not satisfactory, even a better product might be turned down in favor of the one that seems to value the customer.

Brands should focus on analyzing the problems being faced by customers and work on improving their services on those fronts as well as try offering compensation to those who were dissatisfied. This will also help in increasing customer return.


The customers essentially hold the reins to the success of the brand so offering them what they want is crucial for survival and success in the market. Creating a memorable experience for the customer is what will make them revisit. Hence, improvement of customer experience and digital experience should remain the top priority.

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