How you can build a marketing plan around UX research


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Companies that incorporate UX into their marketing plans see a huge hike in their profit margins. Several companies claim that they do UX research and take feedback, but most of these respondents are their peers, which affects the results. Most companies do not build a marketing plan or UX research properly because they do not have the time for it. However, building a marketing plan around UX research can help you improve the quality of your site and business.

3 steps for creating a marketing plan around UX research

Following is a guide on how you can build a marketing plan around UX research in the most efficient manner.

Step 1: Get detailed demographic data

The marketing approach has evolved from wondering if the customer needs your product to change your product in a way that fits their requirements. However, understanding the specific needs of your audience and potential buyers focuses more on having detailed information. For example, if you are running an online taxi service in a remote area, people would want your taxis available at all times as they do not have many alternatives. Therefore, you should focus on researching for area-specific information to get more accurate results.

Step 2: Create an ideal customer’s persona

Once you have the right information about your potential customers, you could use it to build the right products for them. You should also focus on what your customers are looking for and the best ways to deliver it to them with your services/products.

The modern approaches for UX research include focusing on the feedback and satisfaction levels of your client. This contributes directly to the quality of your development and creating what customers need and want. Recent research studies reveal that people are willing to pay more for tailor-made products to fit their specific needs. We know this feels like a lot of extra work, but it shows customers that you care for them truly, strengthening your client-user relationship.

Step 3: Identifying the right medium

There are several marketing mediums in today's world, as social media has various platforms. The kind of audience is different on these platforms, and understanding the right medium helps. For example, if you are targeting professionals from the industry, sticking to professional platforms like LinkedIn is a good idea. It is best to use Tiktok if you are aiming at Gen Z. However, marketing your products on Instagram and Facebook is a median yet effective approach in this regard. The content will differ a it according to the platform, but the essence will stay the same.


Developing a marketing plan around UX research has several benefits, and all you need to do is stay on track with your core ideas, ensure that you perform competitive analysis, and collect demographic data for better user-client relationships. It will help you improve the accuracy of your products and, ultimately, your revenue


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