How to A/B test mobile apps



With advancements in technology and the introduction of thousands of apps, you need to know about A/B testing for mobile apps (as well as websites). Given the increase of mobile phones per person on the planet, this makes it even more important to do regular A/B testing for mobile apps if you want to maintain a strong online presence.

A/B testing for mobile apps is not something new, but still a need thorough mention in our series of articles on the UX industry.

What is A/B testing for mobile apps

It’s a common practice to test novel experiences or the graphical user interface (GUI) within mobile apps. Not to mention, app users are from different segments, and each will come up with a unique experience. A/B testing for mobile apps will identify the best possible user experience and deliver the best subsequent results.

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Types of A/B testing for mobile apps

There are two main types of A/B testing when it comes to mobile apps. Both types use a competitive group of audiences but have different functions.

In-app A/B testing

Here, the developer can see how the change affects your app's UX and UI metrics, like session time, keeping rate, engagement factor, etc.

A/B testing for marketing campaigns

This testing is a yardstick for optimizing a marketing app’s conversion rate, drive installs, and successfully re-target its users.

A/B testing tools for mobile apps

Here is a list of a few A/B testing tools for mobile apps.

Firebase A/B testing

It’s a wide-ranging suite of tools for testing and looking essentially into the growth. It syncs easily with Google Tools –a market leader.


With execution and data conception, this tool will help you in the best A/B testing for mobile apps.


This helps to understand the user’s behavior. Its multiple features serve as a diagnostic forum, and it doesn’t need any coding to trail metrics.


It’s popular as a go-to tool for using push-notification. Its design helps you test mobile pushes as well as in-app messages at the best price.


With only some bias, Trymata is A/B testing and much more. The hallmark of good A/B testing is the user’s view – their opinion, both written and verbal, will offer you the actionable data you need most. Trymata’s usability testing suite is the “ah ha!” generating platform built for teams of all sizes and scope.

Unlike our competitors, Trymata is flexible, affordable, and comes with the quantitative metrics companies outside the UX industry just can’t offer. From our simple and intuitive dashboard to the indexing and collaborative aspects of the narrated videos, Trymata is the one-stop shop for all things digital. Refer to our A/B testing template when you begin your test!

Read about our impression testing and see how much insight you could be getting on your digital products, designs, or marketing materials!

Benefits of A/B testing for mobile apps

Sale increase

Once you complete your A/B testing on a mobile app, you will note an upward trend in the sales of your product, services, etc. However, if you do not get the desired results, then you need to re-visit your A/B testing. You can adjust the “buy” or “get it here” button’s color or size, and this may lead to more conversions and higher sales.

Don’t forget to sprint test your data!

Analytics & ideas

These tests offer useful analytics for the developers. A/B testing can help you get more insight into different options for the app features.

Enhancing UX and/or UI

User experience design is a key factor for websites or mobile apps to entice visitors. It’s one of the most crucial elements of the customer experience journey.

A/B testing will bring better results efficiently. It will also reveal what the users are looking for in that app.

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A/B testing for mobile apps allows all developers to identify and reconsider the branding and landing page. It can make significant improvement, and these insights will make you investigate the user’s behavior and eventually improve it.

Thus, A/B testing for mobile apps is more vital and holds the key to your success for online business.


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