What is A/B testing?

A close look at what A/B testing is and how to implement it, as well as its benefits.



A/B testing is another way to optimize your products / UX and give your business a new look altogether.

It’s a test and trial method to get the best returns on your business investment.

These tests give you a conclusive marketing strategy that guides you on how to sell a product more efficiently. It will provide you an optimal way to sell your product, services, etc.

What is A/B testing?

A/B Testing is a method of comparing two designs, products, GUIs, materials, etc. to find which one offers the best results. This method has been in practice for over 100 years. Its worldwide popularity is due to being a mandatory piece of online or digital marketing.

What are the benefits of A/B testing?

Like user research and usability testing in general, A/B testing can get the insight from the people that matter: your targeted demographic.

Let’s discuss the benefits of running an A/B test on your digital product in depth.

Money-Saving and profits

Not all marketing campaigns get you the same results; due to one or another reason, one of them will get you the best results. A/B test will identify that strategy to boost your business and profits.

It helps improve conversions to reach more and more people.

Identify issues

Many marketing campaigns fail because of slight errors and missing necessary data or information. But the A/B test helps you identify those often-overlooked issues and correct them before launch. Especially when testing with your target audience!

Optimal engagement

After identifying your problems, A/B testing will consequently improve the engagement of end-users with your product, services, etc. Thus, an optimal engagement will set your business for more gains.



A/B testing benchmark

Collect data

The foremost and first front for an A/B test is to collect the data on how to optimize your marketing strategy.

A/B testing will look for the areas with low conversion rates; this will give you an idea of how to improve that. The data collection effort is easy, and that’s what A/B testing designs with TryMyUI can do exceptionally well.

Identify goals

The next step is to determine your business goals. These goals can vary from business to business, depending on their company’s objectives, but putting the user or customer first is always a good idea.

Create variations

A/B testing gives a fresh look to your business strategy, websites, mobile apps, etc. This may include rearranging your website’s content, hiding unnecessary navigation segments, or changing the color of a button.

Run experiment

The final stage involves running the experiment and waiting for feedback. The feedback may still suggest some areas that need improvement; in this case, A/B testing will help you again.

You will repeat the process, counting, measuring, and comparing the varying elements to help you achieve a point of success. Head over here to see our suggested task templates for A/B testing on TryMyUI!


A/B testing is a useful and valuable tool to improve your business strategy. It will give you benefits, from improving engagement to improving content. A/B tests will not leave out the possibility of an increase in conversion, ease of analysis, and quick end results.

In this modern business era, with cutting-edge competition and wafer-thin margins on profits, such a tool will help your business make its name in the market and stand out among others.

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